Freeze and the Males was in fact incinerated, making Gender Bob-omb this new champions automatically

Freeze and the Males was in fact incinerated, making Gender Bob-omb this new champions automatically

When you’re walking, Scott and you may Ramona starting chatting. In time, Ramona shows Scott a great subspace door, Scott and you may Ramona walk over in order to they to go into Ramona’s household, inside the coldness Scott endures, he walks in order to Ramona’s bed room, but discovers that is Ramona’s switching, and you may apologizes because he had been cool. Ramona ona’s sleep into night, no matter if he pieces down such as for example her both concur not to ever have sex instead of consent. The next day, Scott requires Ramona to come to the original round of your own Toronto International Competition of your Groups from the Rockit, whenever Ramona leaves, Scott asks Ramona on her behalf contact number and Ramona gets they so you’re able to your and additionally an effective cryptic message.

Matthew Patel [ ]

At Rockit, Ramona arrives more identical to Scott asked, Stacey introduces Ramona to help you Wallace, Scott’s homosexual roommate and you will Stacey’s sweetheart Jimmy (Kjarthan Hewitt) and you may Knives, but Scott investigates Ramona and Knives, and you may works for the backstage city. Freeze therefore the crossdresser heaven profiles People carry on-stage to tackle its sounds, their first song is “I’m Very Sad, I am Therefore Really, Very Sad” and therefore begins and stops that have “So sad!” as well as their history tune is actually a good ‘tribute’ tune so you’re able to Wallace, which possess taunting him or her in the balcony, “We Dislike You Delight Pass away”. As they have fun with the tune, Stills is concerned that they will never ever profit and you can sign with G-Child (Jason Schwartzman) and never gamble

starting nights at his Chaos Cinema. Once the Scott watches on the balcony, he sees Ramona is resting alongside Blades, which big date it’s a horror become a reality so you’re able to Scott. Gender Bob-omb goes on the latest phase to try out its simply tune, ‘Garbage Truck’, but the overall performance are disrupted of the fight with Matthew Patel. If you are fighting, Ramona tells Scott throughout the their and you can Matthew’s relationship, Matthew is insulted from this and you can goes in a music race and you can summons their fireballs and you will devil hipster chicks to fight Scott. Whenever you are seeking to incinerate Scott, Scott leaves a good cymbal from the Matthew and you can punches him throughout the deal with, KO’ing your. Scott will get $2.forty and you may a lot of products getting beating Matthew. Scott’s sum of money for defeating Matthew isn’t really sufficient to possess a beneficial bus back home. Towards coach, Ramona says to Scott whenever they will certainly still date, Scott would need to defeat the girl eight evil exes.

Aftermath [ ]

Scott goes back with the his apartment, feeling pleased because the the guy got the following (possibly very first and a half) foot past in which he keeps the next go out this evening. Scott says to Wallace one Ramona’s visiting his house so he will not

need Wallace gaying up the lay, however, Wallace desires Scott to split up with Blades as he watches the brand new Lucas Lee (Chris Evans) race who was so it decent skater, now it decent actor and they’re shooting a separate motion picture featuring that have him inside the Toronto and you will Wallace is actually staking your. If the Scott doesn’t break up which have Knives, he will share with Ramona from the Blades. If you’re Wallace is actually viewing a great Lucas Lee motion picture entitled ‘Spike: Get more Action: Cool Call’, Scott in the long run holidays with Blades, mortifying the woman.

Back on Scott’s family, Gender Bob-omb do band behavior on the next round of the Battle of Groups. This time around they’re carrying out ‘Summertime’. Ramona motions out to Scott’s domestic to possess a date, Scott is actually shocked you to Ramona’s hair is now blue, the guy finds out you to Ramona changes their locks each week and you may a good half of. After, Ramona and you will Scott eat garlic money. Ramona informs Scott that money allows you to pounds. Scott tells Ramona which he composed a song about the lady and you can provides the girl a quick peek from it. Abruptly, Scott knows the guy need a haircut (Jealousy left Scott due to their hair), therefore he talks about his hair with a cap and lays to help you Ramona that they may go to own a stroll.


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